The End is Here

This has been a fun time in this class and H.S.I. in general. I learned a decent amount in this class about media. I especial learned about body image and consumer marketing. Companies use regular people to sell their products and promote business virtually. I also learned that multitasking is impossible. I thankfully haven’t tried to do it to much so I think I’m safe for now. I also learned that paying attention to the media pays off and what Mooks and Midriffs are in society. All of these things were interesting and informative. I also got more skills in Photoshop which was cool.

I had so much fun this 3 weeks and I don’t wont to leave. I made so many new friends that i may not see again. Thankfully a few of them live near me so I can mabe hang out with them some time but everyone else is over an hour away:( I also am still angry about my phone because I lost all of my pictures. Thankfully I had insurance though but I wonder how many pictures were saved. I am not usually a crier because I get really embarrassed when I cry but this might be one of the few times I tear up. I wish I could do this over and over the only thing I would change is the amount of free time. I am just now knowing just about everyone and it is almost over. Having more free time would have either strengthened or made some of those feelings change or get better. I was very happy with every thing else though, my room mate was cool, I got lots of new awesome friends, and I had a lot of fun with almost all the P.C.’s.


The End is Here

Miss Fortune in the Snowy Mountains

I had a interesting time in the Snowies. It was a very butiful place and I was fun at the beginning. I got a lot of good pictures but now the fishes have them. I lost my phone in the river. The worst part was all the memory’s  lost and impossible to recover.


Miss Fortune in the Snowy Mountains

Multitasking With Digital Media

I don’t multi task with media in school very much. I might watch a video and do homework at the same time but not very often. Most of my teachers don’t allow media multitasking because they don’t think that if you are multitasking you can focus.

I multi task still limited outside of school. I might watch a movie or listen to music and do homework. I try to never multi task while I study so I can stay focused.

I don’t think I am very effective but I am able to do it depending on the assignment and how tired I am. I can get distracted fairly easily and I sometimes look for excuses to not do my work.

I never liked multitasking in school so I don’t think I will start doing it any more than I am.

Multi tasking can be very bad for society because it can lead to a world of people do half-hearted jobs and not being able to do anything new fast. They can’t focus on one problem so it will be harder and slower to get it done.

Multitasking With Digital Media

Youth-Directed TV Programming

We watched a video on Mooks and Midriff’s that was 13 years old. It was definitely similar to modern day people. Lots of movie stars or TV host have traits of being a Mook or Midriff. They are also in a lot of reality TV that are about people with a lot of money. Usually people with a lot of money don’t care as much about what people think about them.

Mooks and Midriffs are most likely emphasized by MTV. There is always people like that in society but MTV made it desired. People wanted to see people make a fool of them selves and be childish. That is what people want to become too so that they could fit the desire.

In the last couple of years the content on MTV has changed a decent amount. I don’t watch MTV but I have heard that it has gone from music to comedy and other shows. They made the switch because that is what people wanted to see.

I don’t know if MTV should do anything other than focusing on less of the attractive, perfect people and more on just regular people.


Youth-Directed TV Programming

Body Image

Today we looked at some news things on how the average male and female should look. The media portrays males to be tight bodied and stylish. They use Photoshop a lot to make the person “perfect” and that makes it impossible to achieve that beauty. It is very similar for girls, skinny big butt and boobs, perfect curves. The media is able to take anything and make it into a sexy person.

People take these things too seriously and they do anything to look good. Guys body build and drink tons of protein that may not be very healthy. they also take steroids and injections and plastic surgery to look good. People are starting to become more worried about how they look and they waste their money more than caring about important things.

It is very unrealistic to want to look like a model. If your born that way good for you can follow that path. But if you have to dramatically change your self to become that model than it isn’t worth it.

If everyone was as attractive as some people on the media then people would lose tons of money on every thing they use to look amazing. I will not lie though it would be good to have people judge others on personality rather than looks. Because if everyone looked the same then the only way to tell if you like a person is if they have a good attitude.

Kids are effected more strongly than adults usually because they have greater peer pressure and they have a higher likely hood of being bullied. Also puberty and the start of like liking someone effects our decisions.

I think there is a loose body image that should be obtained. That is a non obese body that doesn’t have to be strong just the best you can do to stay the way you are. I think as long as you are healthy and are capable of doing the things you wont to do, than you are perfectly fine. Life should only be as good as the way it is made.

I notice my friends are effected mildly by the media as well as my self. If I have to go buy clothes for example i may buy things that are in fashion. That is usually the extent of the effect on me. I work out not entirely to look good but mostly to improve at sports.

They can use day to day people “off the street” you could call them. Also not have unrealistic ideas of models being super skinny. Finally the media needs to stop talking about what is write and wrong about things actors wear and giving advice on what looks really good.

Have more movies wear the not so perfect guy gets the girl. Also stop making the people in acting get plastic surgery and making them look better so that we think we need to do the same. Don’t use Photoshop and put normal people on the front cover at least.

Body Image

News and Entertainment Use

We took a Current Events News Quiz and I didn’t do very good. I have some knowledge on events and I have herd about most of them but I know little specific information on the topics. I’m not too worried about it though because a lot of news has little effect so as long as I know its happening then details aren’t as important.

I was surprised about how much i actually new about different stations and their opinion/ entertainment/ news focus. It still was not very much but it was something.

News to me is just information on what is happening around the world. I try to find the least bias news stations because I hate some peoples lack of ability to listen to other ideas that aren’t all about them. Because of this I usually listen to NPR, mainly I only listen because my mom has it on a lot.

News is not a hot topic I talk to my friends about. We may be joke about some of it, or if it is very important we may talk about it. Also we talk about sports things that may be going on.

I feel as though I don’t need to change the level of news I’m currently getting.

I don’t really like to watch or listen or read the news so the only news I am usually  exposed to is radio news (NPR).

I have little restrain on what I am allowed to watch so i usually just watch movies or sports. I rarely watch anything during the week so i am not exposed very often.

Examples of different types of news:

News and Entertainment Use